The RWBY Interview

Nov. 1, 2016 – Anita C. Wang

As a fan of Rooster Teeth’s animated series, RWBY; I was ecstatic to learn that Digi Kolobong and I were going to interview: Miles Anthony Luna (Head-writer/Co-Director/ V.O.A: Jaune) and Barbara Julie Dunkelman (V.O.A: Yang) at New York Comic Con.

Digi and I dressed to our absolute best for this interview. Digi cosplayed as RWBY’s very own, Weiss Schnee; and yes, she built that fantastic sword! I cosplayed as the female version of Takashi Shirogane(Shiro) from Netflix’s animated series, Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016). I crafted the top and the cyborg arm. (In case you’re curious, Digi is pregnant with her second child. It’s a girl!)

I won’t drop spoilers; except this one. During the interview, it was nice to learn that the spirit of RWBY’s creator, the late great Monty Oum lives on within the series.

Edited by: Sara Barton



SBR Correspondent: Anita C. Wang

Guest Correspondent: Digi Kolobong

Team RWBY: Barbara Julie Dunkelman (VOA: Yang) and Miles Anthony Luna (Head- writer/Co-Director/ VOA: Jaune)

Director-DP: Sara Barton

Producers: Sara Barton & Anita C. Wang

Editors: Sarah Beim (Vellichor Productions) & Sara Barton

Special Thanks:  Vellichor Productions, Sal Petrosino, Mike Delvecchio and SVA

Podcast: Interview with Chatmonchy – Part I

J-music fans, Part I of SBR’s interview with the super-talented & adorable ladies of Chatmonchy is now up for listening. Chatmonchy rocked SXSW to rave reviews and they recently made a splash at NYC.
Before their performance at Cakeshop on 3/22, we asked them a variety of questions about their formation, their SXSW experience their English-speaking skills, their song “Daidai” appearing on BLEACH, anime fans, & their line of DVDs that have food titles.

Here’s a photo from their performance at SXSW Japan Nite in Austin, Texas. Credit for the photo goes to Mayumi Nishida.

Part II will be up shortly! Enjoy!

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