About Us

We are SAMURAI BEAT RADIO, formerly known as Tokyo Pop Radio.

Teaming up with Kinokuniya Bookstore in New York, SAMURAI BEAT RADIO is a multimedia project that brings you the latest and hottest Japanese music with the true spirit and powerful messages directly from Japan.

Our mission is to connect people of the world through J-Pop, J-Rock, and pop culture from Japan. We wish to expand the knowledge of both cultures to our listeners near and far. Events will be aired on Japan’s premiere FM radio network.

Our radio programs are broadcasted in Japan as “World Flowers Network,” JFN (Japan FM Network) Samurai in the USA, Tokyo FM 80.0.

This is also a place where you are free to express your interest in Japanese pop culture. Who is your favorite J-Rock/J-Pop star? Let us know and we’ll bring their latest and unreleased music to the next event and play them for you! Your opinions will be broadcast on our radio shows as well.

Do you have any questions you’d like to share? We’ll find someone who has an answer to them!

Stay tuned for future artists making appearances on our show and live events.

MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

E-mail: info@samuraibeatradio.com

Link us: (Right click on the banner and choose “Save as…”)


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