Apollo the Moon Stream mascot will be getting a new friend


-Anita C. Wang and Sara Barton

At New York Comic Con 2013, Sarah Moulder revealed that, Japanese band, Moon Stream will be getting an additional mascot – a plush bear named, Chaos. Moulder, is the toy designer for current mascot, Apollo; a creative collaboration between band members: Satsuki(vocalist), Tomo Asaha(guitarist), and their manager. It’s unknown when Chaos will be making his debut; so for now enjoy this sneak preview of him, drawn by Satsuki.


Here is, Sarah Moulder cosplaying as Newt(Newton Geiszler) from the film, Pacific Rim(2013) at the Athena’s Wink’s booth. She’s holding her hand-made Kaiju plush. Don’t worry there’s plenty available for sale at this year’s con.

To learn more about Sarah Moulder and Apollo- click here to read Anita & Brian’s interview.

Edited by: Sara Barton
Photographer: Anita C. Wang


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