To the Future! Hatsune Miku’s Magical Day in New York

Promotional art for "Magical Mirai 2013 Hatsune Miku"

If there’s one phenomenon from Japan that has sparked the creativity of young minds everywhere, it’s none other than Vocaloid. Since the debut of its virtual idol/mascot character, Hatsune Miku, in 2007, Vocaloid has taken over the world with its ability to allow users to create their own songs and video animations with it. On August 30th, 2013, Miku took another step towards global domination as she performed and celebrated her 6th year at her latest concert, “Magical Mirai 2013.” Samurai Beat Radio went to see a tape-delayed broadcast of “Magical Mirai 2013” at New York to see how serious the future can be. 

Outside Anthology Film Archive, NY for "Magical Mirai 2013"

Photo © Anita C Wang.

“Magical Mirai 2013” was shown at New York’s Anthology Film Archives. Despite being a small venue, the screening was sold out and a long line of fans waited outside patiently to see their idol on screen. A few people even cosplayed as Miku and other Vocaloid characters as well. Once inside, fans were excited as glow sticks were thrown to them. When the concert was aired, it really felt that we were all at the Yokohama Arena, where the concert was held, alongside the thousands of attendees raising their glow sticks high in the air at the event.

Miku performed in a variety of looks and outfits that drew applause from the theater room audience. The NY crowd got really excited over seeing three of the more popular Vocaloids, KAITO and the Kagamine twins, on stage. Luka Megurine, whose voice actress we interviewed a year ago, made an appearance as well. The first-ever Vocaloid, MEIKO, also graced us with her presence to show the world that she still got it. In almost 2 hours, “Magical Mirai 2013” showed that Miku is an idol that can rival the best of any human music performer out there.

Hatsune Miku cosplayer outside at the "Magical Mirai 2013" screening.

Photo © Anita C Wang.

Overall, it is amazing to see how far Vocaloid has come. If Miku is the “first sound of the future”, then that sound has shown how powerful the future of music can be in the hands of the most important people of all, the fans.

May the future be bright and create a serious culture of imaginative fun!

Here is the set-list for “Magical Mirai 2013.” Special thanks to Anime Guardians for the tip!

1. Sweet Devil ~ Hatsune Miku

2. Dream Fever ~ Hatsune Miku

3. Cat Food ~ Hatsune Miku

4. Karakuri Pierrot ~ Hatsune Miku

5. Common World Domination ~ Hatsune Miku

6. Animal Divination ~ Hatsune Miku

7. Deep Sea Girl ~ Hatsune Miku

8. Hello, Worker ~ Luka Megurine

9. Erase or Zero ~ KAITO x Len Kagamine

10. Piano x Forte x Scandal ~ MEIKO

11. Suki Karai ~ Rin Kagamine x Len Kagamine

12. shake it ~ Miku x Rin x Len

13. Weekender Girl ~ Hatsune Miku

14. FREELY TOMORROW ~ Hatsune Miku

15. Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed)

16. Leia ~ Luka Megurine

17. Tokyo Teddybear ~ Rin Kagamine

18. Unhappy Refrain ~ Hatsune Miku

19. glow ~ Hatsune Miku

20. Tell Your World ~ Hatsune Miku

21. 39 ~ Hatsune Miku

22. ODDS&ENDS ~ Hatsune Miku


23. 1/6-out of gravity- ~ Hatsune Miku

24. YumeYume ~ Hatsune Miku


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