TMR x HMKU Post-Otakon: JHouse-Rock Interview!

Logo for JHouse-Rock Entertainment.

Enjoyed our review of the concert that T.M.Revolution and Home Made Kazoku had at Otakon 20? We recently got a chance to speak to a representative of JHouse-Rock Entertainment, an event-planning organization that helped to bring both acts to Otakon and a variety of other Japanese artists to the U.S., about the artists’ merchandise being sold at the convention. Booths for T.M.Revolution and Home Made Kazoku at Otakon 20, set up by JHouse-Rock.

T.M.Revolution Questions

1.) How many copies of “Geisha Boy” were made available for sale during

Geisha Boy was a special Otakon-only treat for T.M.Revolution fans, and we only had 500 hard copies available for the entire weekend at the booth.

2.) How quickly did “Geisha Boy” sell out?

The last copy sold just before 5 PM on Friday, the first day of the convention. In less than five hours, 95% of the merchandise available for T.M.Revolution was sold out!

3.) How many posters did you have available for sale?

We had around 750 posters for the entire weekend, all of which sold by the final day.

4.) What other T.M.Revolution merchandise was available for sale at your

Aside from the “Geisha Boy” CD and the posters, we sold clear file folders that had cute illustrations of all of T.M.Revolution’s past promotional looks, Hello Kitty x Tabo-kun collaboration plush keychains, Hello Kitty x Tabo-kun fasteners (small clips for keychains), Hello Kitty x Tabo-kun netsuke (cell phone charms), and Hello Kitty x Tabo-kun memo pads.

5.) How quickly did the other merchandise sell out?

By the end of the first day, 95% of the merchandise was completely sold out. We sold every CD, plush keychain, and memo pad. We had only a handful left of all the other items.

6.) Are there currently any plans to reprint “Geisha Boy” as a non-Otakon CD and would you be the exclusive retailer of that CD?

We are unaware of any plans for a reprint for Geisha Boy, and since it was an Otakon exclusive offer, I would assume there would be no reprints of it. But!!! One of the girls at the booth tweeted T.M.Revolution and mentioned how quickly the CD sold out. He responded to her saying that he would like to try and get it on iTunes, so those who were unable to purchase a hard copy may have the chance to own the collection of songs
digitally. He also mentioned the possibility of an iTunes release at the concert on Saturday afternoon!


Home Made Kazoku Questions

1.) Where there any Otakon exclusive items other than the T-shirt?

Other than the T-shirt, there were no Otakon exclusive items.

2.) How many t-shirts were available for sale?

There were roughly 100 t-shirts for sale, give or take a few.

3.) How quickly did the t-shirts sell out?

The T-shirts were the top seller for the weekend, since the purchase of a T-shirt came with a rare photo opportunity with the band. While the majority of the shirts were sold on Friday, the last t-shirt was sold Sunday morning just after the Dealers’ Room had opened.

4.) What Home Made Kazoku merchandise was available for sale during Otakon?

We had the T-shirts and a few of their CDs. The ones I remember off the top of my head, were キミガイタカラ (Kimi ga Itakara), 3RISE, and おぼえてる (Oboeteru).

5.) How quickly did the merchandise sell out?

The last of the CDs sold out on Sunday afternoon, shortly before the band came by for the photo session with their fans.

Much thanks go out to JHouse-Rock for all their efforts in helping to provide an awesome concert well-fitting of the 20th anniversary of one of the premier anime conventions in the world!

You can visit their site at:!

Photo Source: Sony Music Entertainment Japan Facebook Page


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