7!! Debuts in NYC during Memorial Day Concert



Listening to 7!!(Seven Oops) was just instant love to many new fans that were lucky enough to win tickets to attend the Seven Oops private concert. Only 200 tickets were given away for the concert and it was sponsored by FCI morning eye. The concert was held at Webster Hall on Memorial Day and hosted by FCI host Melodee and Alex York. This would be the first time 7!! would perform in NYC following their appearance at Fanime. This would also mark the first time the band has performed in the US.


Seven Oops is made up of four members: Nanae (vocalist), Michiru (guitarist), Maiko (drummer), and Keita (bass) and all are same blood type O. The band’s name comes from the fact that Nana means seven in Japanese and with the added exclamation marks it would be pronounced in Japanese as Nanaee. Besides their unique name, Seven Oops is always dressed in bright colorful myriad of triangle decorated fashionable attire. Not only does Seven Oops sings usually positive happy songs but they are genuinely nice. Before the concert began, the band requested the audience to allow any small children to come to the front so they can see the concert better.


Seven Oops begins the concert with “Fallin Love” their debut single and this was the first song that made me fall in love with the band. In Nanae sweet sounding voice, she sings out “Konnichiwa kimi wa dare? – Hello who are you? As she reached out to the audiences who response back in kind cheering and jumping to the beat of the music.  Naruto fans were overjoyed to hear “Lovers” and “Sayonara Memory” “Lovers” is the 9th opening to be played in series and “Sayonara Memory” would be the 24th ending theme. In small way as an Easter egg, the band were dressed in the same attire as seen in their “Sayonara Memory” music video.  During a brief pause in the middle of the concert, Nanae cheerfully noticed fans wearing Naruto headbands. The fans were delighted to be noticed by the adorable singer.


The concert concluded with a raffle for three posters signed by the band. The winners were called on to the stage to collect their prize and be photographed with the band. Before leaving, the band gathered together for an amusing photo shoot under the Webster Hall sign making it a great way to end a memorable performance. Their debut concert performance in New York City was top-notch and we will gladly welcome Seven Oops back for another concert.



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