Tokyo Radio Music Chart – May 11, 2013

-Weekly J-pop/J-rock chart chosen by Tokyo radio stations in Japan, compiled by SBR-

#1 – SPARK / 三代目 (Third Generation) J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE

J Soul Brothers formed 1991 and eventually became EXILE. “Third Generation” was formed in 2010 and has been enjoying the “hottest”Japanese dance & musical act” status.
“J Soul Brothers” was named by Bobby Brown.

#2 ミラクル(Miracle)  / miwa

miwa is 22 years old singer-songwriter from Tokyo. She started playing guitar and writing original songs when she was 15 years old. Sheryl Crow, Carole King and Angela Aki are listed as her favorite musicians.

#3 さらさら (Sarasara) / SPITZ

Spitz (スピッツ Supittsu?) is a Japanese rock band formed in 1987 and gained commercial success in the mid and late 1990s. They are known for their abstract and eccentric songs penned by primary singer songwriter and guitarlist Masamune Kusano.

#4 へそ曲がり/ここにしかない景色 (Heso Magari- Kokoni shikanai keshiki) /関ジャニ8(Kanjani Eight)

 No video available

Kanjani Eight (関ジャニ∞(エイト) Kanjani Eito?, stylized as Kanjani∞) is a seven-member Japanese boy band from Japan’s Kansai region. They are managed by the multimedia talent agency, Johnny & Associates. 

#5 憂、燦々 (Yu, Sansan)  / クリープハイプ (creephyp)

Creephyp is a 4 piece band from Shimokita area in Tokyo. Since 2001, they’ve been performing numerous indie gigs and finally released their 1st major album from Victor Entertainment in 2012.

Tokyo Radio Music Chart is complied with multiple music charts published by commercial FM radio stations in Tokyo metro area.


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