Top Taiwanese Rock band MAYDAY五月天 and J-Pop band FLUMPOOL@TOKYO FM EARTH × HEART LIVE 2013

artistEARTH x HEART LIVE 2013 featuring Taiwan’s million selling alternative rock band MAYDAY and Japan’s hottest pop-rock band FLUMPOOL shared the stage at HNK Hall (Shibuya, Tokyo) on April 17.

Two bands came close to each other after their joint performance in Taiwan in 2011.  As a result, Mayday covered Flumpool’s hit song ” Akashi” and released in Taiwan. When Flumpool sang ” Akashi” in Chinese as an encore number, some 3500 Japanese/Taiwanese fans’ went crazy.

Tokyo FM and Japan FM Network will be broadcasting this live recording audio on April 22nd (Earth Day).

If you wish to hear this exclusive live recording, send your request to your favorite J-Pop/Asian Music radio shows/stations. Tokyo FM is distributing the audio footage for free to the college/public/commercial radio stations upon request.(If it’s online broadcast, it must be streaming live only, no podcast). If you are a radio broadcaster, shoot me a message. (Megumi Sato-Shelley)


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