Listen and Support Japan’s Oshite Magazine’s Crowd Funding Challenge

is an online music magazine and distribution platform for unique and extraordinary Japanese sound started in Sept, 2012, by the music label, origami PRODUCTIONS.

Right now they have 9 days left to raise funds to build the international platform on crowdfunding website ” countdown“.

Here are a few more audio samples from oshite.

oshite is a hub for a wide range of music and digital contents created by not only their label artists but many other likeminded artists and creators in the scene. A monthly fee of 525 JPY (approx. $5.50) gives the users free access to more than five “exclusive releases,” articles, online radio shows, and videos freshly delivered from their studios.

They don’t distribute music as albums and singles. Instead, their “packages” combine music with colorful digital contents to allow each artist to express their creativity in the best form.

You can check out more music and video on their crowdfunding page.

Support their challenge if you like the music, so they can deliver their innovative sound outside Japan.


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