SBR catchs a Snitch at New York Comic Con 2012

November 4, 2012- S. Barton

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) made its second year appearance at New York Comic Con (NYCC). It was 3 days of non-stop Quidditch action. Friday and Saturday, the IQA hosted, “How to Play Quidditch 101”. Local Quidditch teams from the Tri-State Area held demo matches; then opened up the field for fans to come and play. Whether you’re a beginner or hardcore player, there was something for everyone. Sunday, was dedicated to Kidditch (Kids Quidditch); training the next generation of Quidditch stars.

Samurai Beat Radio correspondent S. Barton interviewed Dante, The Human Snitch. In J.K. Rowling’s, Harry Potter, the snitch is a magical golden ball with wings. The seeker must catch it to win a Quidditch match. The founding fathers of modern Quidditch developed an ingenious non-magical solution; the human snitch. The human snitch wears a gold uniform; plus a yellow sock which is filled with a ball, that hangs out of their shorts. The seeker must snag the sock to win the game. The human snitch is just as elusive and mysterious as their magical counter parts; as they hide on & off the field, while showboating for the crowd.

Dante told Samurai Beat Radio about his experiences playing The Human Snitch. He also showed us his lightsaber, which he uses to dazzle spectators. Dante isn’t just a human snitch, but a Jedi Snitch! Quidditch fans: “May the force be with you”.

Filmed by: Megumi Sato-Shelley

Samurai Beat Radio Interviews: Yu Asakawa (New York Comic-Con 2012)

Without further ado, SBR would like to present its interview with Yu Asakawa from this year’s New York Comic-Con.

We asked a variety of questions about her role as Vocaloid, her desire to speak English, her favorite Japanese artists, and whether she would do a mini-concert for her fans.

Also, Asakawa-san loves Marvel Comics.


Yu Asakawa at New York Comic-Con 2012