J-Pop Summit Festival 2012: Day 2 Recap

Kylee entertaining fans at J-Pop Summit Festival 2012.

Finished reading about Day 1 of J-Pop Summit Festival? Here’s a recap of the events of Day 2!

Bay Area Girls performing at J-Pop Summit Festival 2012.

As Day 2 started and I arrived in Japantown, the first act I saw on stage was Bay Area Girls, a local band consisting of five 14 year-old teenagers. They covered mostly American songs (including Carly Rae Jepsen’s smash-hit “Call Me Maybe”) and did a nice cover of one of Namie Amuro’s songs as well. Bay Area Girls has been getting a good amount of attention from music insiders and the sky’s really the limit for them as they are all VERY talented.

VEX Mode performing and cosplayers dancing on stage.My love for DJs kicked in as I went to see VEX Mode play some Vocaloid remixes for fans. As you can see, they really had a good time and everyone was encouraged to dance. And no, I did not go up to dance. Those kids would put me to shame. 🙂

Rome Kanda's "Samurai Spirit" at J-Pop Summit Festival 2012.

Silly samurai antics were amiss as Japanese comedian, Rome Kanda (who is known in the States for being on ABC’s “I Survived a Japanese Game Show!”), showed off his sword skills for the audience. He cracked a few jokes about his life and then fought his students to show off his “Samurai Spirit”. Kanda was also promoting his digital manga biography, “Samurai Spirit: The Story of Rome Kanda”, which is to be released (in English) on all Apple i-products and Android-enabled devices. The manga is already out in Japanese and the artwork does look pretty neat.

"BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT!" Fashion Contest at J-Pop Summit 2012 Festival

Another awesome fashion show/contest took place as BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT had an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed show. This show totally triumphed over the other two fashion shows held on Day 1. There were some amazing outfits and two male lolitas (one of them wore knickerbockers!) even participated in the contest. I was so enamored by some of the contestants that I had a few personal favorites. In the end, one of my favorites did win and it was this absolutely stunning Queen of Hearts lolita who acted completely in character (even to the judges and the audience) throughout the contest. Amazing show.

Kylee performing at J-Pop Summit Festival 2012.

And finally, the star of the show appeared! Kylee has been getting a lot of attention as she has appeared on the Today Show and sang for U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this year. And this is before she just recently turned 18. She’s considered to be a real-life Hannah Montana. Whoever made that claim hit the nail on the head. Kylee brought up a lot of energy on stage and you can tell that she was really having fun out there. Her music totally matched her personality. Kylee was a really good choice to showcase the upbeat energy of J-pop music for the show. I also wanted to point out that Kylee took part in the LIZ LISA fashion contest and Vocaloid Dance Contest as a judge on Day 1. It was great exposure for the fans to see her beforehand, so they can get to see her genuinely honest (and sweet) personality.


On a final note, J-Pop Summit Festival 2012 was well worth the visit and I wish that New York truly had something similar to it. The only regret is that I wished more EVA cosplayers showed up (though they might have showed up for the EVA movie screenings that occurred later in Day 2) and I would have to loved some EVA-related skit performed on stage. Other than that, the event was well-organized and people enjoyed themselves. I also thought the MC of J-Pop Summit, Steve Chun, did an excellent job at hosting the performances. I would definitely love to attend next year’s J-Pop Summit Festival.

Hope you enjoyed reading the recaps!

All photos were taken by Tony Yao.


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