AniMiniCon Soho- The $64,000 Question

                                              The Asterplace- Steven Lin, Koto Tsukimoto, and Qingyun Luo

Saturday, August 13, 2011
 -Sara Barton     

   AniMiniCon Soho is held at The Soho Gallergy for Digital Arts. It’s an elegant modern space, that also happens to be really small.  The Asterplace and NoirceuR are scheduled to perform. The $64,000 question on everyone’s mind: How will the bands perform in this small space?
 This was no ordinary concert; both bands utilized the small space as an opportunity to connect with the crowded. It was a rare sight, as the audience got a chance to see the fun side of The Asterplace and NoirceuR.
  Opening for NoirceuR,The AsterPlace started the show by playing their music video. Then band leader Kota Tsukimoto, grabbing a guitar followed by band members; got upclose and personal with the audience by playing a few numbers with a home-town feel. The fans enjoyed the down to earth atmosphere.

                                                     Narina, of NoirceuR handing out chocolate to the winners

   NoirceuR hosted an anime trivia contest; the lucky winners received
Instead of their usual numbers; they catered to the crowd by playing anime themes songs. As a joke, NoirceuR played the theme song, of the series, Sailor Moon; since the audience couldn’t answer the trivia question-How to Say: “In the name of the moon, I will punish you”, in Japanese. For the finally, NoirceuR asked if there were any requests. An eager AniMiniCon Soho staff member jumped enthusiastically,
screaming,”Eva!, Eva!”. Wish granted! A
s day two of AniMiniCon
Soho came to a close; 
NoirceuR went out on a high note.

Photos: Jefferies Herrera


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