J-Summit at the Bowery Electric

This past July 4th weekend, I got a chance to attend J-Summit at the Bowery Electric. The event also helped to provide funds for Japan earthquake relief efforts. It was a nice & intimate atmosphere. There were some pretty good acts. I got a chance to see Sachiko & Naoko, Nobuya, ToTo, Tokyo Circus, TEN, Yuki & Cuties, Yujin Amano, & Reiko4D.

Sachiko & Naoko


Tokyo Circus. This was my first time seeing them on a performance. All I can tell you is that there were some pictures that I didn’t take because things got a little risque. I loved the pro-wrestling skit they did. The 2nd skit they did was even funnier.

TEN. The instrument on the left is the “koto”, a Japanese instrument. A good mix of hard rock & Japanese traditional music. You know what made this band even more awesome? Yuki, the koto player, wore a TOOL (the metal band) t-shirt.

Yuki & Cuties. The singer, Yukiko. Her singing voice is amazing. The difference between her speaking voice & singing voice is like night & day. Very cute. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the group in the future.

Yujin Amano. Is it just me or did the singer look like a Japanese Russell Brand? Anyway, good old-fashioned blues rock for the win. Yujin showcased his hot guitar play for everyone to see. His guitar solos were pretty good. The dude even sang a song about drinking his last coffee in an airplane.

Reiko4D. The pop music of the night. She gave a good performance of the song “Dream Your Dream” with beatboxer Michael Feigenbaum. I have never seen a beatboxer live and I was impressed with how Michael made a performance flow with his ability.

Overall, a nice night of music, comedy, & performing arts. Props to Mar Creation for keeping j-Summit running.


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