GANTZ Perfect Answer Review

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After seeing the 1st Gantz
movie, I was wondering whether the 2nd part would have a
chance of premiering in America. The 1st part drew much
attention and made it big at the Japanese box office. This past
Saturday, Japan Society fulfilled my wish as they showed GANTZ:
Perfect Answer, the conclusion to the Gantz live-action movies, to a
sold-out audience. Was it a satisfying end? Let’s just say that
things started out with a bang, but ended with a few pitfalls.

Before seeing the 2nd part,
I saw Japan Society’s screening of the 1st part as well.
This time, the movie was in Japanese with English subtitles. It felt
so much better watching it undubbed. The movie was sold-out as well
and the crowd enjoyed it. You can read my review of Gantz Part I here
for my thoughts.

Gantz: Perfect Answer begins with a
brief recap of Part I. Afterwards, it flashes 5 months later, as our
hero, Kei Kurono (played by Kazunari Ninomiya), multitasks between
working at a burger joint, spending time with Tae Kojima (played by Yuriko Yoshitaka), and killing
aliens. Meanwhile, a model named Eriko Ayukawa  (played by Ayumi Ito) finds a little tiny
black orb, similar to Gantz, that commands her to kill people. There
is also a detective who is researching people gone missing during the
alien missions. Lying in the wings is a group of aliens who look
human & wear black clothing. They are trying to hunt down Gantz &
destroy it. All of this coincides with the re-appearance of Masaru
Kato (played by Kenichi Matsuyama), who is supposed to be dead from
the events of the first movie. What happens next is a time-ticking
war to determine the fate of Gantz & its participants.

Where to start off? Although this is a
completely original story not found in the manga, the movie did take
some elements from the later volumes of Gantz. The villains are based
off both the Vampires introduced in Volume 14 & Oni Aliens
introduced in Volume 17. The storyline borrows ideas from the Oni
Alien saga (aliens posing as humans, Gantz timer non-existent during
mission, & regular people being able to see Gantz players) &
the Tae Kojima storyline. The action was really, really good.
Probably the most epic scene in the movie was when the Gantz players,
the black-suit wearing aliens, Eriko, the detective, and Tae all
congregate in a subway train. Next thing you know, bullets are flying
everywhere, people are dying, and swordplay is running rampant. I
loved every minute of that sequence, even though I did wish the
battle between Kurono & the “Men In Black” alien (the leader
of the train attack alien squad) was a bit longer. You have to see
this sequence to believe it. Who knew Japan could create action like

The movie then slides in lots of
lengthy dialogue followed by a few more action sequences and then the
ending. Regarding the ending, it just felt too weird. I understood
the ending had to be a happy ending, but it felt a little too
positive. The plot twist involving Kurono & Gantz looked forced.
I don’t want to get into heavy spoilers here, but expect to be
somewhat confused when you see how the ending turned out. The pacing
of the movie can feel hectic at times since a lot of things get
introduced in a short amount of time.

Overall, I did enjoy Perfect Answer
because of the action. Now that I’ve seen both movies, the total
grade comes out to a B. If you are a hardcore Gantz fan (like
myself), both movies aren’t going to live up entirely to your
expectations. For everyone else, if you want to see mindless, sci-fi
action with pretty young actors, then both Gantz movies are sure to
satisfy your visual appetite.