AISHA & DMC (Run-DMC) Interview

of the most impressive performances at the Japan Day 2011 was Aisha
feat. DMC.

was born and raised in Japan. Aisha’s father, an American
trombonist named her after Stevie Wonder’s beloved song title.

still new to the J-Pop name game. But her powerful voice and singing
technique has impressed so many musicians including hip –hop legend
DMC of RUN-DMC. As a result, she’s honored to record her single “
Fallin’ 4 U” with him.

this amazing collaboration became a reality at Central Park.

addition to “ Fallin’ 4 U”, they performed RUN-DMC’s classic
track “ Walk This Way” together and blew us away. 

You can visit Aisha’s official website at:

DMC’s official website is at:


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