Harlem For Japan Thoughts & Sakura Matsuri Adventures

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the “HARLEM FOR JAPAN” Concert on April 19 at the City College of New York. It was a very well-organized concert with many wonderful acts. Performers that represented the soul of Harlem & Japan took the stage at Aaron Davis Hall & gave a show that’s sure to bring smiles to the faces of the people of Japan. What was really amazing was the young performers such as Matthew Whitaker, Tifany Obi, & Solomon Hicks. It’s good to see how much music can play a role in shaping young people’s minds. One performance that took me by surprise was Obediah Wright & the Balance Dance Theatre. All I can say about that was it was just very lively & groovy. Much props to Katsuya Abe & everyone involved in the project for providing a great show!

And this past weekend, I attended this year’s Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The one thing that was evidently different were the cherry blossoms. They were still up, compared to last year’s. It felt like there were a lot more people this year than last year. Things looked the same as usual, with the Osbourne Garden housing all the Japanese pop culture-related events. This year, the BBG Parasol Society did a nice little stroll through the park. There were definitely a lot more Lolitas running around and it’s always interesting to see a mix of normal and wacky folks. I also got a chance to see Neo Blues Maki (or Neo Blues Roll) live. Very soulful is what I can say about their music. The group really brought out the old-school Japanese soul music vibe. I’m looking forward to catching them again sometime soon.

I also tried out a Japanese restaurant near the Garden at Washington Ave. called Gen Restaurant. Not a bad place for those who are into nice ambiance and good food.

Right now, we’re going to get for the big Natsume Ono interview next week at Kinokuniya. Though we probably might attend Japan Society’s Uki Uki Nights Cosplay Party

See you guys soon!


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