The “Concert For Japan” – Music, Art, Education for The Win

On April 19th, Samurai Beat Radio had the pleasure of attending the “Concert For Japan” event at Japan Society. We witnessed a variety of food vendors, arts & crafts workshops, notes of encouragement, and of course, some great music throughout the day.

A good number of people showed up to lend their support for Japan and were entertained by the festivities around them. Children were making origami, adults were making washi lanterns, and there were even people taking Japanese language lessons! It is amazing to see how much Japanese culture has become part of our lifestyle. The “Bye Bye Kitty” exhibit was also pretty neat too.

We managed to catch Ryuichi Sakamoto (who gave a really great performance) and the 4 Japanese-female-led bands (Echostream, Me & Mars, The Suzan, Hard Nips) featured in the later portion of the evening schedule. Before the bands, we were treated to some awesome taiko drumming by Taikoza & a urban geisha entertainment group called Salme that you have to see to believe.  It was a very nice & diverse range of music. Much kudos to Superglorious for having a well-rounded lineup that had something for everyone. The Suzan were really, really amazing to see and really got the crowd going with their energy!


Me & Mars

The Suzan

Congratulations to Japan Society for having an outstanding event to raise money for Japan. As of right now, they have raised $4.5 million. If you want to donate to Japan Society, you can do so online here.

Stay tuned as we have video messages from Echostream, Me & Mars, The Suzan, and pianist Taka Kigawa coming up!


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