Time of Eve- The micro review

           If Plato
directed a film on robot ethics it would have been titled, Time of Eve. The film,

successfully made it’s US Premiere at The New York International Children’s Film Festival (NYICFF). Adapted fromYasuhiro Yoshiura’s web series; it’s a
think piece on the interactions between robots and humans, and the ethical
dilemmas that arise along with it. 

takes place “in the future, possibly Japan” as the opening narration jokes. The
film centers on controversial café in the middle of an on-going hot political climate between android
and human. The cafe’s motto, everyone is the same, there’s to be no distinguishing (“marks”) between human and androids . This is an illegal establis
where robots are able to remove the ring above their head and fit in just like
normal people.
Its customers features a cast of eccentric characters
from: the sexy house-android named Sammy, to the café’s owner Naki , and the adorable
child named Chie, just to name a few.  The story focuses on two
 teenagers Rikuo, and Maski, who discover the café. Through
their interactions with the other patrons, they later come to their own revelations
that maybe android and humans aren’t so different after all. 

          The film’s style is similar to that Mamoru Hosoda, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time; plaid yet visually
Time of Eve is a must see film for any anime fan. It’s an intelligent science
fiction anime feature, that is well-written and complex. Issac Asimov fans will
appreciate the films wonderful analysis of the three laws of robotics.  The film is left open-ended. Rikuo and Maski become
regular customers. The political status quo remains. Leaving the question will
there ever be a TV series? 

– Sara Barton  3-20-2011

Click the link below to view the original web-series:

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