Seiichi Niitsuma’s Street Fundraiser For Japan


After hearing about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, local photographer
Seiichi Niitsuma, felt a strong need to help. Quickly creating a few card board sign and  grabbing some plastic boxes he head down to Union Square near the 6, N & R train entrance. What happens next is astounding, Mr. Niitsuma was able to rally complete strangers passing through Union Square, I included, encouraging them to help him in his quest to raise money for Japan. Each person was given a sign and plastic box; there wasn’t a person in Union Square who didn’t hear “Please Help Japan”.  It was a site to behold.
  In the wake of this devastation, millions have of people have come across to show their love and support.  The act of Seiichi Niitsuma embodies this spirit. It’s an inspiration that one person can make a difference.
          For those who want to help out Seiichi-san, he will be moving around between Union Square and St. Marks Place. If you want to locate him, follow him on twitter (@SeiichiNiitsuma)
Sara Barton 3/17/2011
For more information:
Seiichi Niitsuma’s main site:
Fundraiser Info: (Japanese)

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