JP Girls NYC – Save Japan With Your Love

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Samurai Beat Radio will be taking part in a special fundraising event this Sunday, March 20, at Times Square, NYC. Here is some more information about the event.


The situation has been more serious everyday, every second…
3.11.11 Japan earthquake, the 9.0 magnitude quake

(The fourth-largest recorded since 1900) made serious devastation in Japan,

On top of that, tsunami devastation was far over expected,

And nuclear leakage devastation is causing serious situation far beyond imagination…

As of today, the anticipated death total is over 15000 people and nearly half million people are still displaced from their homes, in severe cold weather, with not enough water, food, electricity, gas, oil for stove, medical supply, with no family, no home, and no town to go back…

So many cities and town are disappeared from Japan, my country…

Aftershocks are still happening, planned blackout is operating…

Rescue people at the site is still very critical, but on top of that, Japan is facing most critical situation, nuclear leakage…

People trying to control Nuclear power station in Fukushima Daiichi are completely sacrificing their lives to save other.

Even though Japan has been trying their best, its scale is beyond imagination and it’s just overwhelming…



I talked with my Japanese girl friends and we all are going to gather, and going to do fund raise for Japan.

This maybe a tiny voice, but I believe that if we get together, it will create big power and support for Japan!


Please join and support!

This Sunday, 3/20/11 at Times Square (46th & 47th behind Tkts), between 12pm to 6pm.

If possible please wear Japanese symbol color, red & white. Bring your own handmade Japanese flag if you can!


We encourage checks written directly to the charities, but accept small cash donations on their behalf as well. 

100% of your generous tax-deductible contributions will go to the charities, like Red Cross, Japan Society or Japan Embassy.


Please spread words to anyone you know.

Thank you for your understanding, love and support.

If you have any questions, please contact:

AK / Akemi Krivit



AK / Junko Hino / Atsuko Tanaka / Risa Sonoda / Romi Yamada / Nagisa K. Buchanan /
Mina Muto Cheung / Azusa Amemiya / Karou Sanada / Tomoko Kevorkian / Madoka Sugaya /
Megumi Sato / DJ June / Aiko Ishikawa / Yuki Matsuo / Sayuri Kiryu / Yoshiko


JP GIRLS NYC / Facebook


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