Here They Go! Girugamesh Embarks on U.S. Tour in April!


If you haven’t heard the word by now, here it is! Girugamesh, Japan’s
very own visual kei heavy rock band, is embarking on a world tour
after their last visit back in 2009.

Here’s the official press release:

The hard hitting Japanese rock band Girugamesh is gearing up fir
their first ever U.S. tour. With the help of Jhouse-Rock Ent.
Girugamesh will include a multi-city stop in the U.S. as part of their
on going world tour “Here we go!!” which begins this March in Europe.
The U.S. leg of the tour beings in April with their appearance at Anime
Boston. Below you will find a full list of their U.S. dates. Please
visit their official site for information about the Europe and Japanese
parts of the tour. Girugamesh is rock band to its core and the
excitement they bring is something that must be experienced in person.

Date Venue Ticket: On sale 2/15/11
2011.4.23 Anime Boston 2011 / Boston, MA Anime Boston 2011
2011.4.25 Starlight Ballroom/Philadelphia, PA Ticketfly
2011.4.26 Crash Mansion/ New York, NY BROWN PAPER TICKETS
2011.4.27 JaxxRoxx/Springfield, VA TBA

Girugamesh Bio: (2/2011)

girugamesh is a Japanese metal band. The group started when childhood
friends ShuU (bass) and Nii (guitar) met up again after a number of
years. Searching Chiba prefecture for band members in 2004, the two
found skilled songwriter ?yo (drums) and Satoshi (vocals) to form the
current group. On the live scene, girugamesh generated considerable buzz
with their powerful live shows, adept musicality of a level uncommon
in newly-formed bands, and their tremendous potential. The band
delivered their debut album, “13′s reborn,” in September 2006. The
group then released their second effort, “Girugamesh,” in December

The band’s unique and heavy sound has received a great deal of
attention internationally. In fact, the group has had numerous offers to
play in the United States and Europe. The group embarked on their
first six-show tour of Europe in January 2008, demonstrating their
ability to play in the world arena.

In 2008, the group also went on a 32-show “stupid tour ’08 in Japan,”
which concluded with a sold-out show at Shibuya’s CLUB QUATTRO. In the
summer, the group toured again, selling out the LIQUIDROOM. In
November, the group announced their third album, entitled “MUSIC,”
which incorporated synthesizers and digital beats to create a melodic
and danceable sound. The group followed the release with tours on an
even larger scale. From November 2008 to March 2009, the group swept
through all 47 prefectures in Japan, which they finished with a
sold-out show at Shibuya AX. The two-disc DVD “CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY”
contains high-powered footage from these performances.

In April 2009, the group played in America. The following month,
girugamesh returned to Europe, where they headlined ten shows in seven
countries, playing before a total of 7,000 fans. In June, the band was
invited to play a long-running rock festival in Sweden and Finland. Upon
their return to Japan, the group went out on their “SUMMER EVOLUTION”
two-day tour of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. In August, playing for an
audience of 20,000 at Makuhari Messe, girugamesh put together an amazing
performance in the JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER show. Finally, in
January 2010 they played at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST and filled the venue
to over 2,000 people for the first time. They sold out most of their
shows at live houses for the rest of their Japan tour.

In addition to their charged live performances, the group has
continued to release new recordings. In 2009, in order to challenge
themselves one song at a time, the group released a string of three
singles. Their new ambitions were fully realized with their album “NOW,”
which was released in December 2009. As the title suggests, the album
is packed with the very latest from girugameshóa heavy-hitting rush of
sound that leaves us begging for more. If ìNOWî gave us girugameshís
present state of mind, their thoughts about the future were revealed by
the single ìCOLOR,î released in July 2010. The vocals take center stage
in “COLOR” and the single has an overall “summer” feel to it.

girugamesh then released “Inochi no ki” on October 6, which took one
step forward in expanding their emotional palette. The melodies have a
distinctly “autumn” feel to them, inducing you to move your body and
your heart to the rhythms of the song. Listen to this track, and you are
sure to feel very positive about the future! After completing their
third tour of 2010, girugamesh released “GO” on January 26 — what might
be called a “compilation” album. The album title “GO” aptly expresses
how these songs literally spill over with energy and desire. Brisk
rhythm, an exhilarating combination of instruments, and the band’s
ever-improving technique all underscore a dynamic sound that back up the
vocals. The songs on “GO” deliver a heart-warming world that you can
instantly slip into. On February 5th, girugamesh will perform their
first hall concert in their native Ichikawa (Chiba Prefecture), and then
set off on a long European tour in March.



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