New York Comic-Con/New York Anime Festival 2010 Afterthoughts by Tony

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It was that time of year again, folks! It was New York Comic-Con/New York Anime Festival time. Once again, a huge variety of fans of all forms of life came down to the Jacob Javits Center to celebrate the world of pop culture. This was the first year of collaboration between the two. There was more coverage of movies, TV shows, and video games than before. I attended panels, interviewed three NYAF guests, and was a panelist myself throughout the weekend.

On Friday, I interviewed Rika Ishikawa of HANGRY&ANGRY fame. She was really nice to talk to. I asked her about her Morning Musume days to working with Gashicon. I even slipped a mention of Country Musume (which she was a member of) and talked about the song “Iroppoi Onna”, to which she replied by singing the line “SEXY BABY!” Words cannot express how I felt after hearing that.

Saturday was probably one of the craziest days I have ever experienced at a convention. The place was literally packed to the bone. It was really difficult to get from point A to point B at times. In the morning, I interviewed the Guest of Honor for NYAF, Minori Chihara (of Haruhi Suzumiya fame). She was very, very nice and hyper. It was a complete contrast from the character she plays, Yuki Nagato. Minori seemed to really enjoy herself being at the convention.

Afterwards, I attended the Far East to East Showcase Panel, hosted by Superglorious. It was nice seeing Boom Boom Satellites in person. The panel started out fine, but then when it came to fan questions, everyone mostly had questions for Puffy and some questions were just terrible. Then again, what’s there to expect from fans? At least two people acknowledged Boom Boom Satellites.

Then came my debut as a panelist for “Pitching Japanese Music to American Media” alongside Purple Sky Magazine. I was pretty surprised at the crowd we had and I was pretty nervous. But, as soon as it was go time, I knew I had to answer the call. The panel went pretty well and we did a good job. I realize that I need to work on answering fans’ Q&A in the future. I am actually planning on doing a psychology panel at an anime convention next year hopefully.

Sunday was just awesome. After fooling around (& shopping) at the con, I finally got a chance to interview one of my favorite bands ever, Boom Boom Satellites. The interview was just awesome and they gave some really great answers to the questions I asked. I also applauded their album in Japan, “TO THE LOVELESS”, in which they replied “thank you”. I really enjoyed talking to them as a whole.

I attended the Far East to East Showcase at Irving Plaza right after. I missed Echostream, but I did catch the rest of the bands. Zazen Boys are good. Very catchy. The drummer was really good. The music is very ’80s. Boom Boom Satellites went on stage and the place became a rave party. Lots of visuals and people were dancing. Puffy AmiYumi came on last and the crowd gathered into one huge unit. I’m not a Puffy fan, but I have to say that they were really great out there. The concert was just unbelievably awesome. A great night of music to send off one crazy weekend.

It was a fun 3-day weekend and I got to enjoy the things I wanted to do & see. We’re going to have footage of our interviews with Rika Ishikawa, Minori Chihara, and Boom Boom Satellites soon. Stick around for that. I also have some other thoughts about NYCC/NYAF as a whole. You can read it here.

For more coverage of FETES, Purple Sky Magazine has photos up from the concert and the FETES panel. You can also check out:

GunGirlNewYork’s FETES Album
MTVIggy’s FETES Slideshow
FETES Photos from Brooklyn Vegan (One of my tweets is mentioned in this link. See “Manga Therapy”)

Until next time, see ya!

– Tony

All photos were taken by Tony Yao.


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