Guitar Wolf & Peelander Z Rock the House!

Sept 23, 2010- Sara Barton

     The psychedelic lights lit up the dark floor of the Santos Party House. Who would have thought that Thursday would be an epic night, as Guitar Wolf, and opening act Peelander Z electrified the crowd with their spectacular performances. 

     Peelander Z’s performance has redefined what an opening act should be. It was an unbelievable; they engaged the audience from the very moment they came on stage. Basset, Peelander Red jumped off stage and started a conga line, only to then be lifted in the air by the crowd. It was an intense show featuring colorful costumes, a giant squid, human bowling and a limbo contest. The theatrics continued as lead guitarist Peelander Yellow asked members of the audience to come on stage to shave his eyebrows. Then, he instructed them to film the footage and later put it on YouTube. 

   They played hard core rock with a creative twist. There are very few bands that can turn the children classic of Old McDonald into a rock Ballard. Peelander Z’s graciousness was refreshing. Peelander Yellow constantly encouraged fans “to get ready” for Guitar Wolf’s performance. He even wore a Guitar Wolf t-shirt at the end of the show.  It was a humbling site. This was a one of a kind show and it was only the beginning of the night.



    The moment Guitar Wolf stepped on stage, the crowd went wild.  It’s been 5 years since the Greatest Jet Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.” band featuring, Seiji as Guitar Wolf, UG as Bass Wolf, Toru as Drum Wolf, played in states. The massive admiration from fans is proof that their tour is off to great start.

    Guitar Wolf revved up the audience with their rock-star antics, and they loved it. The crowd was whipped into frenzy; it was good old fashioned rock mayhem, as a few daring fans stage-dived. Guitar Wolf didn’t mind, they enjoyed it! They passionately played hard core strumming cords; reminiscent of the classic punk rock bands, The Ramon’s and Sex Pistols.  As the night rolled on one lucky person was picked from the audience, handed a guitar, and given a chance to play with band on stage.



       Just as the show was about to end, the audience was treated to an encore. Guitar Wolf out did themselves as members of the audience were invited on stage to build a human pyramid and Seiji climbed it, and started singing.  It didn’t stop there; even after the show “officially” ended the audience continued to cheer. Seiji, then came back on stage and gave fans an extra special treat, a solo encore of, “I love you, OK. This is the type of concert you dream about, an epic night filled with, monumental performances, energy, lots fun; it was one for the history books. 


       After the show I got a chance to go backstage and meet GuitarWolf, they’re true rock-stars.




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