“Jet Rock’n’Roll” Band Guitar Wolf Embark on U.S. Tour!

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Hey fans, just want to inform you guys about one of the more outrageous & downright awesome acts from Japan, Guitar Wolf! They are one of the loudest bands you will see out there. It’s pure, good old-fashioned rock’n’roll. Guitar Wolf is finally coming back to America after 5 years. Their first stop is none other than good ol’ New York City at Santos Party House, with another favorite wacky band, Peelander-Z! They will be performing on Thursday, September 23. Here are the rest of the tour dates.

Guitar Wolf US 2010

The first US appearance since 2005, with Bass Wolf II, UG.

Sep.23  NYC, NY  Santos Party House w/Peelander-Z

Sep.25  MEMPHIS, TN  Gonerfest @ HI Tone Café   w/Hans Condor,

Sep.27  ATLANTA, GA  Drunken Unicorn  w/Hans Condor,

Sep.29  AUSTIN, TX  Mohawk  w/Hans Condor

Oct.1   LAS VEGAS, NV  Matador 21 @ The Pearl-Palms Concert Theatre

Oct.3.  Los Angeles, CA  El Rey  w/Hans Condor

Oct.4   SAN FRANCISCO, CA  Bottom of the Hill  w/Hans Condor

UG / Bass Wolf Seiji / Guitar Wolf Toru / Drum Wolf



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