Viv’s thoughts wo Kikeyo!

Recording went by really smoothly this time, minus the false starts we had (we had to do 3 takes for the intro -,-)

And it went by really fast.

What I’m most excited about is we actually PLAY MUSIC NOW! 8D

Much love to JapanFiles in providing awesome tunes.

As we began looking for songs to play, Tony found the first and last one (H&MC and BESPA). When I picked 9mm, I really felt the flow of the songs didn’t go well and requested a change. While browsing through the library, I got frustrated in picking a song and ended up telling Tony he should pick the song list this time and I’d pick the next.

For some reason, we stuck with 9mm in the end.
I still feel it breaks up the flow though, but oh well. It’s recorded and done.

After recording the 2nd episode, I decided to get ahead of myself and begun doing some research on songs to play. I’ve been in a certain mood lately, so I feel the ones I picked this time is much better.

Thanks to everyone for listening. We hope you’ll tune in to our next show



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