Look Back At Japan Town: Thank You From SBR

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We’d like to say thank you one more time to everyone who stopped by our booth at Japan Town last month.

Everyone brought us great gifts to give away.
Thank you Lilac, Uzuhi, and Superfortress for CDs.

Thank you David Hou of DramaFever for giving us “premium subscription” gift certificates. His website represents a new generation of Asian pop culture power.

Thank you Sumi-san of Kodansha International for giving us wonderful books.
 “Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential” is written by Brian Ashcraft (of Kotaku) and has just arrived in stores near you.

Visit Kodansha International at: www.kodansha-intl.com

Thanks also go out to Chris “Phire” Scott for entertaining us with his wit and charm!

And at last but least, we want to say thank you so much to Hiroshi Kono of Mar Creation Records. His appearance and generous contribution made our day 1000% better.

His label is unbelievable because its catalogue has so many different kinds of artists from different music genre and ethnicity. And as you may have noticed, Hiroshi himself is a superb artist. He performs under the name “ Mar Project”. If you are interested, check out his latest album “ Stepping Stone” or compilation CD” Samba do Mar” a great collection of the music from Mar Creation Records.

And of course, look forward to another ZAMZA performance this fall in New York City.

Mar Creation Records website:

Hiroshi also co-organizes a monthly Japanese music showcase “ J-Summit”.

Check out footage from past “J-Summit” events:
June 6, 2010:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHSabBpYS7A
May 16, 2010: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWo3FzFFS3E

All our friends (May…thanks for a lift!) and J-music fans, keep listening! We’ll do our best!!

Here’s a picture of two of our lovely staff members!


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