Japanese “Hand Flute” Virtuoso “CHILDHOOD” Comes To Kinokuniya, NYC!

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An Extraordinary / Japanese TV Phenomenon “Hand Flute” Virtuoso, “CHILDHOOD” NY Debut Live at Kinokuniya Bookstore on Sunday, August 22nd @ 3PM, FREE!!

– Experience Mind Blowing / Soul Soothing “Hand Flute” Mitsuhiro Mori and Keisuke Usuda (Piano) Live & Workshop –

New York, July 31st, 2010 – Mitsuhiro Mori is a 27-year old musician. He’s been asked to appear on many popular TV shows to perform and has shocked not only viewers, but also fellow guest talents. His instrument? HIS HANDS!

A “Hand Flute” is a kind of musical instrument played on the hands. The hands are placed together as if praying. After making a space inside the gripped hands, one blows into the gap between the two thumbs. It is similar to making a tone by blowing over the top of an open bottle. Sounds easy?  Mastering this technique takes a lot of skill and practice, so very few people have this rare talent.

Mitsuhiro plays a wide variety of music, from classical to pop. He has played the popular anime theme songs to “ Ponyo” and “ Lupin the 3rd”.

It was almost an accident when he found his extraordinary talent. When Mitsuhiro was a young boy, his father taught him to emulate an owl’s hooting by blowing into his cupped hands. By playing with this technique, he moved from mimicking owl cries to playing melodies. In fact, he mastered the ability to produce tones with three octaves. All the techniques were totally self-invented and began to take the name “Hand Flute”.

He met pianist Keisuk Usuda when they were studying at music school in Tokyo. “Childhood” was born in 2005. They performed before children at public schools and special education classes. Then they played on the streets of Tokyo and won the grand prize at the Street Music Contest. People began to notice what’s happening. First, major publications wrote about them. Then TV stations picked up. Finally, they released their major debut album “ Hikari No Nakae (Into the Light)” under Amuse Entertainment in 2009,

Childhood will blow your mind, remind you of your childhood, and soothe your soul.

1073 Avenue of the Americas (bet 40th & 41st St.)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 869-1700

Hand Flute Workshop: (immediately after performance)
Do you want to know how to play “ Hand Flute”?
At first, only a simple piping sound can be produced with this technique. However, increasing or decreasing the size of the space inside the hands can control the tone. Gradually, with a lot of practice, it becomes possible to produce melodies.

For more info:
Childhood official website;

Samurai Beat Radio (http://www.samuraibeatradio.com) will be organizing & producing the event at Kinokuniya. Come on by and check out a very original, unique, & talented duo of performers! Here’s a video of Childhood in action.


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