Kikeyo! Behind-the-scenes with Vivian

I can’t believe it’s July already.
Seems like yesterday when we just released our first show.

When SBR decided we were to create a new podcast show, I didn’t know
what to think of it. I’m the type of person who likes to be in the
backstage area and lounge.

My first initial thought was, “Will people even be listening to us? What if we’re not entertaining enough?”

It’s not like we can juggle balls with circus music on podcast… Or can we?

I’m sure you’re all curious about the recording process of the first episode.

When we were recording the sound bytes, our producer (who will remain
nameless, but I think you all know who it is) requested us to use
different ways in saying “kikeyo.” The most embarrassing one for me was
when she requested a sexy one.

I blankly blinked and went, “… Wait, what? You’re serious?” I had
about 5 seconds to subside my embarrassment and to get into character
to do it. After I did it was Tony’s turn.

… How was it possible HIS was better than mine?! XD I was slightly disturbed.

And even though our podcast was around 31 minutes long, we actually had
to do several takes in 2 of the segments to shorten it. That and Tony
was really nervous and kept rambling lol. Our producer went, “Do it
properly!” and went back to man her station.

Me, being the absolute genius that I am, whispered, “I think she’s mad.”

In a recording booth.

Tony then said, “Um, Viv… You do realize she could hear you, right?”

Cue facepalm action.

Of course, I apologized after everything was done (_ _);

Like Tony said, we’ll be covering the NYC Cool Japan Street Fair next, along with other stuff we have yet to reveal. But, if you have any suggestions, feel free to email us at Yes, we do check it often.

Our Hideo Kojima Peacewalker signature giveaway is also still going on.
If you didn’t see the picture on Tony’s post, here it is:

It’s laminated for its protection!

If you want it, listen to the show and e-mail us at with the keyword in the “Subject Title” and “Body.”

The contest will end on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010.

Oh and check out Kikeyo’s official site, Our future podcasts will be uploaded there as well.

Until next time, stay cool and Happy early July 4th!


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