“KIKEYO” Afterthoughts by Tony

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Hey all, I just wanted to share my thoughts about the process of “KIKEYO!” It’s been a few days since it was released it. If you missed it, click here to listen to it.

All I can say is “Wow, I’m going to be co-hosting a podcast show!” It was my first time and I had to admit I was pretty nervous. As the show went on, I did feel a lot better. I do believe that I still have some things I need to work on for future episodes.

One thing I would like to note was that originally I wanted to cover Tokyopop’s “America’s Greatest Otaku” search, but with the recent news about manga scanlations and online distribution rights of manga, I decided it was better to focus on that because this is a serious issue that affects everyone involved with manga, from readers to fans to professionals.

Another thing is regarding the sound bites. I seriously thought that they weren’t going to use certain soundbites with my voice. To all those offended, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. -____-‘

Regarding the next episode, one thing I can guarantee SBR will cover is the NYC Cool Japan Street Fair taking place this July 17. I think it will be a neat event and I personally think the area the fair will take place at is considered to be the “Japan Town” of New York.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first podcast and the contest for the laminated MGS: Peace Walker cover is still on. This is what you will be winning:

So, if you want to enter and win this lovely cover, please listen to our show and listen for  the keyword. E-mail us at sbrkikeyo@gmail.com with the keyword in the “Subject Title” & “Body”. The contest will end on Wednesday, July 7th.

See you guys soon!

– Tony

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