Samurai Beat Radio Podcast: “KIKEYO!” – Episode 1: “Mina-san, Kikeyo!”

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The first episode of our podcast show, “KIKEYO”, is now up and ready to be unleashed. 

Episode 1 – MINA-SAN, KIKEYO! (Everyone, Listen Up!)

Here’s a general synopsis on what’s discussed in this episode.

“Manga on the Net – the Scanlation & RAW Debate”
“Hideo Kojima at UNIQLO NYC Report & Metal Gear Stories”
“Kore o Kikeyo! Music Recommendations”

If the podcast says 12 minutes, it’s longer than that. 31:54 to be exact.

Like what you heard? Share us your thoughts on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also send e-mail your comments, suggestions, etc. and also the keyword for the contest mentioned in the show to In order to enter, please be sure to put the keyword in the subject title and body of your email.

We hope to see you guys again soon!


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