J-Summit New York at Webster Hall on June 6th

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There’s one more event going on this Sunday. You might want to check it out. Here’s the press release. If you love gothic lolita and want to be a star, then this event could be a great chance!

j- Summit New York

Presented by mok


j-Summit NY offers a welcoming environment to enjoy music (J-pop, J-rock, Visual-kei) and fashion (Goth-loli, Kawaii) for all fans and artists!!

We are creating a community focused on the connections and cultural exchanges (modern, classic) between Tokyo andNY.

These exciting events will be held periodically, so keep up-to-date with information!


The next J-Summit includes GRAMM (h.Naoto) / Moa (Vocal) & Rio(DJ), aka VY, as our special guests!

They previously appeared in the fashion event “Tokyo Fashion Festa NY” in February at FIT.

They will also do a live performance collaborating with our fashion show on June 6th at Japan Day (http://japandaynyc.org/main/), in Central Park!


From New York, we will have Lilac, who was our audience favorite last time,as well as acoustic guitarist Go Takeuchi, Soul&Blues group The Truthseekers, Horrific/comical/punkish crazy Japanese rock group Gelatine, and performance/dancer Nobuya.


Start 5PM All ages + ID (School ID’s are accepted; please remember to bring & keep them with you!)

Entrance: $10 at Door, but $7 if wearing Lolita


From5PM~7PM, a Lolita fashion Dress-up Contest will take place, and a New York Idol Group Debut Live with open auditions! (idol unit:Ri-bon/Lei-nA & hime)

Japan Day’s fashion show, tea party, fashion contest at j-Summit, and future events will be supported by”Tokyo Fringe”, a new NY Lolita website scheduled to open soon,and Lolita magazine “Alice a la mode.”


We are looking forward to seeing you all in your favorite outfit!

Let’s make the NY lolita community even bigger! You may also grab a chance to become an idol!

From now on, we will be continuing events periodically to support the NY lolita community.  Keep updated!

Supported by Kawaii Japan <a href="http://kawaiijapan.net/


Note: After 7PM, please be aware that any person under 18 years of age will not be permitted to stay.

Entrance: Advance Ticket $10; At Door $12


From Japan, Special Guest:

GRAMM / Moa(Vocal) & Rio (DJ)

+ Toshi (Lilac/guitar)


New York:

Lilac: http://www.myspace.com/lilacofficial

Go Takeuchi: http://www.myspace.com/gotakeuchi

Gelatine: http://www.myspace.com/gelatinenyc

The Truthseekers: http://thetruthseekersmusic.com/

Nobuya :http://www.myspace.com/nobuyan


At J-summit, we welcome various types of artists,such as singers, bands, dancers, and performers!


Conjunction with Indivisualwww.indivisual.asia

Sponsored by Asahi Beerwww.asahibeerusa.com/


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