Tsubasa’s “Stairway to the Dream” Stage 7 Review

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After checking out Passport to Taiwan, I went to another Asian music event later in the day. It was Tsubasa’s “Stairway to the Dream” Stage 7. It was organized by Tsubasa of Uzuhi. The event was a collection of performers, from music to dance to comedy. It was a showcase of local Japanese talents. The first performer I saw was Go Takeuchi, a singer who plays a mix of rock & blues. He got the crowd going in the beginning and I thought he was pretty good.


Afterwards, the audience was treated to a rendition of “Blackbird” by a trio that called themselves Music-holic (not too sure about the name, if anyone knows, please comment below) followed by a performance by a band called Super Hundred.


The belly dancer, Nahoko Sugiyama, came up next and she was just wow. Granted I never seen belly dancers before, so I thought she was pretty damn good and I was kind of mesmerized from seeing her dance like that. I can see why belly-dancing is becoming popular over here.

The next band to come up was Tangerine on Fire. To describe them, they were literally a tangerine on fire. Loud, energetic, and crazy. They reminded me of Uzuhi. I wonder if the singer was taking lessons from Gosha on charisma because he tried to form a little mosh pit. Fun times.

I actually left for a bit to get some food & interview NoirceuR. When I came back, I caught just a small glimpse of MUTEKI. And then I saw G-KEN Buyodan.

Rena Washino & Myu (who’s also one of Reni’s maids) did a really cute act together and showed off their dancing skills. Their act was really well-done. I especially loved the part where they were chasing each other and they just ran through me and the audience. It was so adorable.

The last act for the night was the Asterplace. I was actually interested in seeing them because they were part of the indie rock scene in China before coming here. Three of the members were Chinese. Also, I did not know that Kota (vocalist) was the lead for the band. I knew him previously from being a guitarist for Uzuhi. Their music can be described as melodic punk rock. They began their set with a cover of the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”. The Asterplace’s positive energy is similar to Uzuhi’s in a way. Their sound is reminiscent of pop-punk bands like Blink-182, The Ataris, Sugarcult, etc. I was very impressed with their performance to say the least. Kota is a good singer and he did a song with Tsubasa (on keyboards) which showcased how good his voice is.

Tsubasa’s “Stairway to the Dream” was a great showcase of talents. The acts they had were good and you can find some hidden gems in the show. I have to give props to Tsubasa for encouraging local acts to come to her shows and display their abilities on stage. Also, props to Saori Goda for hosting the event and Gosha & A-Key; for assisting with the event. There should be more events like this out in NYC. Here’s to the dreamers out there! Keep on fighting & believing!

If you want to display your talents at the next event, you can contact stairwaytothedream@gmail.com. Photos from the event can be viewed here. My interview with NoirceuR will be up sometime later this week. Check back soon.

– Tony


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