J-Rock Bands We Want To See in Rock Band – Part II

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Enjoyed Part I of our feature on “J-Rock Bands We Want To See in Rock Band”? Here’s 3 more bands we would like to see.


One of our personal favorite bands. The Pillows have been around for a long time, but got the attention of anime fans worldwide when three of their albums were featured on the OST for the series FLCL. You can think of their music as very British-rockish. They have been compared to the Beatles (which had a Rock Band game all dedicated to their music).  The band even has their own creepy, but adorable little teddy bear mascot, Buster-kun. We’re hoping they come back to America sometime soon because they are great to see live.


A band that’s been synonymous with Japan for 2 decades. Their credentials? 43 consecutive #1 singles, 23 #1 albums, and more than 78 million records sold in Japan. They are also the first Asian band to have their handprints & signatures on the Hollywood RockWalk. B’z showed they still got it when their single, “Ichibu to Zenbu”, won the Billboard Hot 100 Japan Single of 2009. If you listen to J-Rock or Japanese music in general, you must have listened to or heard of B’z at one point. B’z should be an automatic lock for ROCK BAND.


A band with a unique look and pretty catchy tunes. Beat Crusaders have received praise for their experimental use of a variety of sounds to create powerful guitar melodies. Their songs are mostly punk-pop. They exploded onto the mainstream with their song, “Hit in the U.S.A.”, which was the opening theme of the anime series, BECK. The band also did the theme for the Nickelodeon cartoon, “Kappa Mikey”. Their music is a good fill-in for the “pop/rock” segment.  Their appeal also lies in the fact they wear paper masks in all their promotional appearances.

We’ll be back with Part III sometime next week with 4 more bands! Check back soon!


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