Cosplay Party 2.0 Review

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After the great success that Japan Society’s KRAZY! Cosplay Party had last year, you had to wonder whether Japan Society was planning a repeat. At the first party, cosplay maid singer Reni made an appearance and performed. There was a cosplay competition and people got to see a variety of interesting & awesome costumes.The event drew media coverage from Time Out New York, Ningin, etc. Japan Society made an announcement about a 2nd cosplay party and it finally arrived.

And on Saturday, May 15, Cosplay Party2.0 was held with a super-cute promotional picture drawn by Hiroki Otsuka. A variety of cosplayers have run to fill Japan Society once again with the wacky & growing world of Japanese pop culture.

This time around, Japan Society had a showing of Evangelion 1.11: You Are Not Alone, a photo booth held by Anna Fischer, food courtesy of oms/b & Kyotofu, music by cosplay DJ Ruby Red, and another cosplay competition with the prizes being Kinokuniya gift certificates.

Cosplay Party 2.0 started off slow,mostly because of the movie screening at the beginning of the event.After the movie was over, things picked up. Cosplayers were hanging around the lounge, chatting with one another, eating food, taking photos, or just fooling around. There were also people trying to film cosplay documentaries at the event. I even got a photo taken of me from a photographer at Time Out New York.

The cosplay competition came around and hosting it was none other than America’s own otaku comedian, Uncle Yo. He gave a speech about cosplayers and his amazement on how creative people are when it comes to cosplay. The judges of the event were Brittany Wood, India Davis, & Hiroki Otsuka. And so the competition began!

The contestants were of a varied bunch. Many of them were from the usual popular anime series that are currently all the rage. It was interesting to see about 4 Ciel Phantomhives (from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) in the competition. Uncle Yo made a funny comment about how many outfits the character has. If you watched/read the series, you will know what he’s talking about. 

The intermission periods were covered by Mario Bueno, an avid cosplayer & singer. He was dressed as one of my favorite characters, Shizuo Heijiwara, from the series,Durarara!!! Mario did the theme song for the show and also a song from the anime version of Romeo & Juliet. Overall, it was good entertainment. A group of cosplayers also came up to do “Whose Line Is It Anime?”, improv comedy similar to “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. Some of the jokes were hit or miss, but it was pretty funny and I got a good laugh out of it. Mario joined in and he stole the show. Big props to the group.

The winners were announced and they were:

1st: Seth Nighroad from Trinity Blood. (middle, in white)

2nd: Ciel Phantomhive (black outfit with top hat) from Kuroshitsuji

3rd: Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass (black coat)

What’s interesting to note is that this is the 2nd year in a row where a Trinity Blood cosplayer & a Kuroshitsuji cosplayer were part of the top three winners. I think it says a lot in the character designs from both series and the complexity of making their respective outfits.

Cosplay Party 2.0 ended with lots more mingling and dancing at the lounge. Once again, Japan Society pulled off another fun event and it shows how much cosplay has become a part of people’s lives over here in the Western hemisphere.

SBR has more content coming up from Cosplay Party 2.0. We have interviews with DJ Ruby Red and Uncle Yo. We also have a photo album on our Facebook fan page. If you have any problems viewing the photos and/or the page in general, let us know.

All photos were taken by Tony Yao.

– Tony


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