J-Cation Concert Review

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Sorry, for the delay, but here is our long-awaited J-Cation Concert at Japan Society Review! We saw both Me&Mars and Asobi Seksu. Here are our thoughts about the concert.

The opening act was Me&Mars, followed by Asobi Seksu.

Me&Mars will change your perception of how music is played. Their unique sound is a fusion of funk, punk,jazz. They follow in the path of musicians who have shaken the music industry, Elvis, the Beatles, the Ramones, and Madonna; they changed the face of music industry and re-invented what we now know as mainstream.They’re in the category known as unconventional, and Me&Mars ishere to leave there mark on the music world.

The band opened up with their song,”Bubbles of the air”. It is a mix of cacophonous sounds; what is surprising about this song is Ivan’s incredible guitar solo, featuring ambient effects. It is a musical masterpiece that was executed beautifully onstage. It is clearly the heart and soul of the song; Ivan’s skills are a force to be reckoned with.

Ivan’s master rhythms along with Naomi’s drumming skills and Yukino’s subtle bass are what make their sound so unique.

The crowded went wild at the end as Me&Mars tore up the stage by playing their latest song. There was a lot of excitement in the air. Although there just beginning their musical career, they are about to change the face of the J-rock scene in New York, and possible the music industry all together. We are looking forward to what happens next.

Asobi Seksu came up to play and they did not waste any time in showcasing what makes them really great. They performed a variety of their hits, such as “Strawberries”, “Me & Mary”, and “Transparence”. Their music is very reminiscent of shoegazing bands from the ’70s and ’80s, though they are a bit more pop.

Yuki Chikudate’s vocals are enchanting and the melodies are very ethereal. James Hanna shows why he is a very talented guitarist with his lively guitar solos. Their sound was mesmerizing and captivated the audience. The visuals they had PERFECTLY matched the songs they were playing.

The other band members complimented the two pretty well. We hope that they stick around with the band since Asobi Seksu is usually associated with Yuki & James a majority of the time.

Asobi Seksu ended on a high note when Yuki started playing on the drums. She showed off her drumming skills and the audience applauded. Seeing the band live was quite the exhilarating experience. Just hearing their albums isn’t enough, Asobi Seksu is a band that attacks your senses when you see them live. This is just how amazing they are.

Overall, it was great seeing both of the bands perform at Japan Society. Kudos to Japan Society for a great turnout (3,000+ people!), awesome guests (TAKERU KOBAYASHI!), and amazing music! 

Photos taken courtesy of Tony Yao.

– Sara & Tony


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