May Events Galore!

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Hey gang, this is Tony here. Just want to give a heads up that we’ll be attacking Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn tomorrow. A lot of interesting stuff is planning to go down. I mean, goodness, a cosplay fashion show. Neato. Though I heard this year, the blossoms bloomed WAY TOO early because of the early heat we got this year in NYC. Oh, global warming, you rascal! The two things that are going to be interesting (in my opinion): Gypsy rockers, Kagero & the Gothic Lolita Tea Cafe.

And then there’s COSPLAY PARTY 2.0 at Japan Society on Saturday, May 15. Wow, I was wondering for the longest time when it will happen. I don’t think it will be as big as J-Cation was (and by God, it was big), but it will attract a good variety of folks. SBR will be covering the event as well. Look out for me in cosplay. I may pester you, ESPECIALLY if you’re one of the three winners of the cosplay competition. XD

Finally, there’s also the PJ Mini Pop Event in Harlem we just brought up. Yeah, we’ll probably go there too. The event was even featured on NY1. Seriously! The Dwyer Cultural Center is actually well-known around the Harlem community and it’s gotten a lot of media attention. Plus, it’s nice to see anime invade the area. Harlem has changed a lot over the years. I think this is a good first step. One of my favorite stores, Anime Castle, will be there as a vendor. Show them your support!

Oh yeah, Mother’s Day on May 9th. Remember, you wouldn’t be here without them. Celebrate it. See you guys all May long.


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