“Bollywood & Anime In America” Exhibition Photos & Thoughts

Hey guys,  I went to the “Bollywood & Anime In America” Exhibition at the Museum of Natural History this past Saturday. It was actually pretty cool. The museum had an “Anime Galeria” on the first floor. There was a wide display of anime trailers, video games, manga, Gundam figures, and more. Who would’ve figured?
People got to try out Monster Hunter 3 & Astro Boy for the Nintendo Wii. For some odd reason, there was also Bayonetta for the Xbox 360. I actually voiced my concerns about this since it is a M-rated game, but a staff member said it was last minute. Though I did get a kick out of watching kids playing Bayonetta because their misinformed parents just let them do whatever. XD
There were also booths by Gundam Planet & Toy Tokyo (one of my personal favorite stores) . An interesting booth I saw was from DOCOMO USA. They now have an app/mobile TV channel called ATAKU , where you can watch anime on your mobile phone for a monthly fee. I found it to be pretty neat and a useful app for mobile marketing purposes.
The highlight of the day was the Japanese hip-hop rapper, Shing02. Him & DJ Icewater were amazing. Shing02 put on an awesome set. Not only did he do “Battlecry”, but he also did his tribute set for Nujabes, a famous Japanese hip-hop producer who recently passed away. Shing02 is a GREAT example of good rap music.
There was one panel I wanted to see and it was called “Re/Making of American Pop Culture”. Roland Kelts was one of the featured speakers for the event. Unfortunately, the panel was on Sunday and since I had plans for that day, I couldn’t make it. Though I still had fun at the event and met some interesting people along the way. Much props to New York-Tokyo for setting up the event.

Here are some more photos from the event:

Photos were taken by Tony Yao.

I actually took a couple of videos of Shing02 performing. They will be uploaded shortly. Stay tuned!

– Tony

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