Japanese Hip-Hop Group “Home Made Kazoku” to Make Their U.S. Debut At Otakon!

Another big popular Japanese group is coming to America! That’s right, Japanese hip-hop group, Home Made Kazoku , will be making their state-side debut at the East Coast’s biggest anime convention, OTAKON! You might have heard some of their songs from anime series. They did “Thank You!!”, which was an ending theme for BLEACH. Home Made Kazoku also has done songs for Naruto & Eureka Seven as well.

Home Made Kazoku consists of Micro (center), Kuro (right), and DJ Uchi (left). They have been praised for their rap skill and positive, meaningful messages. Micro & Kuro actually were born & raised in America as well! Micro spent part of his childhood in Kentucky while Kuro grew up in Chicago until the age of 12.

Their debut album, “Rock The World”, reached #5 on the Oricon charts when it was released. After the release of their 4th album, “Home”, Home Made Kazoku went on their first tour in Japan with huge success. It also included a sold-out show at the Budokan, where 10,000 fans came to see them.

Otakon chose them to be a musical guest to provide some differentiation from the Visual Kei & J-Rock artists that are typically found in anime conventions. Otakon’s Head of Guest and Press Relations, Jim Vowles, said, “When we started looking at musical guests this year, the one thing we knew from the start is that we wanted to try something new and different. Visual Kei and J-Rock have dominated the convention circuit for a while now, and while they’re crowd-pleasers (and they’ve been very good to us here at Otakon), we wanted to show a broader view of the Asian music scene. We talked with some of our music connections and looked at dozens of options.

“Lots of great acts suggested themselves, but eventually we settled on Home Made Kazoku, which offered an upbeat, hip-hop sound. We had the right connections. The music itself was solid and interesting, and they’d had some serious success in the last few years. It didn’t hurt that their music has been used for immensely popular anime like Bleach and NARUTO, either. And if you’re going to do a hip-hop act, I think Baltimore’s a pretty good place for it.”

So what are you waiting for? Otakon-goers, check out Home Made Kazoku at Otakon this July 30-August 1 weekend!!!

More information on Home Made Kazoku can be found at: http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/home-made/

Otakon 2010 information can be found here.

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