SBR Interviewing Me&Mars & Asobi Seksu At Japan Society!

Going to check out j-Cation this Saturday at Japan Society? SBR will be interviewing the two bands for the “Sonic Sensation” concert, Me & Mars and Asobi Seksu! Here’s more information about both bands and videos.


Me&Mars is a groovy spaceship driven by Naomi on drums, Yukino onbass and Ivan on ambient guitar effects. It waves you into the emotionalgalaxy. (From their MySpace page)

Me & Mars,t=1,mt=video
Lisa | MySpace Video


Asobi Seksu is a Brooklyn-based dream pop band consisting of Yuki Chikudate (Vocals/Keyboards), James Hanna (Guitars/Vocals), and a variety of their other friends. Their songs and albums have been critically praised by media outlets such as the New York Times, YRB, Spin Magazine, MOJO, etc. One of their songs, “Stay Awake” was featured on the Adult Swim compilation album, Warm & Scratchy. Asobi Seksu recently released an acoustic album entitled “ReWolf”, which contains acoustic versions of some of their hit songs recorded at Olympic Studios in the United Kingdom.

Here’s a video for one of their songs from the album “HUSH”, “Transparence”.

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