Podcast: Interview with NYC J-Rock Band UZUHI!

Hey folks, SBR‘s own Tony Yao recently interviewed the NYC-based J-Rock band, Uzuhi! Listen to the hilarity that ensued during the interview. XD Enjoy the wonderful discussion which involved rice, music, booze, manga, and oh yeah, ONE PIECE!

You can check out Uzuhi at: http://www.myspace.com/uzuhi.

As a reminder, Uzuhi will perform at Spring Fest NY this Saturday, along with one of our favorites, Mai Kawamura! Be sure to catch their “ONEWAY” tour! More information on where they’re touring can be found on their site.

For all you New Yorkers, Gosha didn’t forget about you guys. The last stop on the ONEWAY tour will be at New York City at Santos Party House on Friday, April 2!!!!! You can purchase tickets here.

Show off your Sweet Lovely Chocolate Smile to Uzuhi all this month (and April too )!!!!!!!



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