Chatmonchy Is Coming To America This March!

Successfully performing at the “Nippon Budokan” after their smash hit album “Seimeiryoku”, Chatmonchy has already became one of the symbols of the Japanese rock scene. And now, the band had just announced their appearance at the SXSW 2010, one of the biggest US music festival/showcase! They will also be making appearances at New York & San Francisco!

Chatmonchy are three girls from Japan who rock. Playing raw,energy-infused melodic rock music, Eriko (guitar and vocal), Akiko(bass), and Kumiko (drums) have been making a buzz all across Japan since their 2005 majo rlabel debut. Now, with their latest Oricon chart-topping album “Kokuhaku” (Confession), they’re ready to infect North American fans with their catchy take on girl-rock power.
Chatmonchy-whose name means absolutely nothing!-burst onto the scene without any label backing in 2004, quickly catching the ear of Sony Music Japan. The next year, Sony’s Ki/oon Records released their debut EP, “chatmonchy has come,” and the band set off on their first nation-wide tour of Japan in 2006.
Inspiring fans with their feistiness and fire, Chatmonchy released their first full-length album, “Miminari” (Ear Ringing), in July of the same year. The album garnered a Top 10 spot on the national Oricon chart, and the girls were invited to perform at Japan’s most important summer festivals, including Summer Sonic, Rock In Japan Festival and the Nano-Mugen Festival.
After the success of their summer festival dates, Eriko, Akiko, and Kumiko did a national tour in the Fall of 2006, then headed back to the studio to finish “Seimeiryoku” (Life Force), the album they had started writing the year before. The album, released in late 2007, hit #2 on the Oricon charts, and Chatmonchy played sold-out shows all around Japan -including a two-night solo concert at the Budokan in the Spring of 2008.
Following the first album, the rock-power girl trio released 4 singles that reached the Oricon Top 10, three that hit the Top 20, and 4 DVDs including music videos and passionate live performance footage. In addition, the single, “Dai Dai,” was featured as the theme song on the anime series, “Bleach”- their first step toward connecting to a world-wide audience.
The next step, after adding another couple of DVDs to their catalogue on the home-front, is an attendance at the 2010 SXSW Music Conference on March 19. This will be Chatmonchy’s first North American live performance, and the beginning of the next important chapter for these accomplished musicians-these three girls from Japan who rock.

Afterwards, they will perform at New York on March 21, followed by San Francisco on March 26!
Eriko Hashimoto: guitar and vocal
Akiko Fukuoka: bass
Kumiko Takahashi: drums
*And also check out their brand new Facebook & MySpace websites!

We’ll update you guys about the venue & time (for the New York show) chatmonchy will be performing! Stay tuned!


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