Echostream This February 12 at Webster Hall!!!!

Hey fans, there’s another concert we forgot to tell you about! One of our personal favorite bands (well, one staff member’s favorite ), Echostream, will be performing at Webster Hall this Friday, February 12!!!!

Echostream is planning to showcase a new type of sound and they want to give you guys a sneak peek of their new direction. This event is sponsored by The Deli Magazine, a well-known indie rock magazine based in NYC.

Tickets are $10 and the age limit is 19 and over. The show will start at 7:45PM. If you need a special reason to go, the band will be giving away FREE posters of Ryoko for those who come. C’mon, you know you want a poster of her to look at while you go to sleep at night. :]

Echostream is an amazing band to see live, so what are you waiting for?

Information about this event can be here. Echostream’s official website is at:


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