Two Awesome Concerts on February 13, 2010!

Hey guys, what’s up!? We like to let you know guys that Polysics (one of the artists we featured at Winter Anime Day) will be performing at Gramercy Theatre in NYC this Saturday, February 13!!!! If you enjoyed the music video we showed at Winter Anime Day, then you should go check them out LIVE. Show time is 8:00PM. The age limit for the show is 16 and over. If you want to know more about Polysics, then you can visit:

You can purchase tickets at:

Another concert you can check out that’s going on at the same day is “THE NOTORIOUS MSG AT SANTOS PARTY HOUSE”.

If you enjoy Chinese rappers singing really funny songs, then this concert is right up your alley. They will be performing with .357 Lover and the Japanese horror-comical band, GELATINE. The show is open for ALL AGES. You can purchase tickets here.

More information about the bands can be found at: (Notorious MSG’s Official Site) (.357 Lover’s Official Site) (GELATINE’s Official Site)

Happy Concert Hopping, folks!


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