Absolute J-Pop Christmas Songs: Here’s The Winner!!!

Thank you all for coming to Kinokuniya Bookstore last Saturday!

Here’s the WINNER of  the “Rate J-Pop Christmas Songs” Event!!
You heard all 7 songs and rated all of them.
It ended being a close battle between two of today’s J-rock music icons, T.M. Revolution and Gackt!
In the end, the absolute winner was…

Burnin’ Xmas by T.M. Revolution!!

The song got an average score of 3.91 points and edged Gackt’s December’s Love Song by 0.04 points.
Congratulations to T.M.R and those who gave him  highest score!!!

Here’s the result of all the songs and their scores.

1. Christmas Eve / Tatsuro Yamashita  3.47
2. Hurry Xmas / L’Arc En Ciel. 3.71
3. Itsukano Merry Christmas / B’z  3.50
4. Burnin’ Xmas / T.M. Revolution  3.91
5. Fuyu Monogatari(Winter Story) / Ketsumeishi 3.46
6. Happy Christmas / May’s  3.50
7. December’s Love Song / Gackt 3.87

If you feel like listening to all these songs for holiday cheer, check our entries under the category ” Absolute J-Pop Christmas Songs”.

As we promised, Megumi will play the winning song of T.M.R, along with your interviews, on her radio show ” Flowers from NYC” on 24th at about4pm Japan Standard Time.

FM Aomori, FM Akita, FM Fukushima, FM Fukui, FM Gifu, FM Mie, FM Sanin, FM Okayama and FM Hiroshima

The show will be archived later here. If you want to challenge listening Japanese, it’ll be perfect!

Thank you again for your continuous support and we would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!


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