Rate J-Pop Christmas Songs at Kinokuniya: Sat. Dec 19th!

Samurai Beat Radio will be participating in Kinokuniya Bookstore’s big Christmas Raffle event on Sat. Dec 19 starting 1pm.

It’s “Samurai Beat Radio presents Rate the J-Pop Christmas Songs!”.

The hottest and classic J-Pop Christmas Songs were chosen by Japan FM Network producers in Tokyo. We’ll play them by the famous Domo-Kun Christmas Tree and YOU will rate them! The result will be announced on SBR website as well as Megumi Sato’s radio show in Japan on the 24th!
Share your Christmas love with the fans out there!
Come to Kinokuniya and vote for what you like! Special prizes are waiting for you too!
Round -1 will be starting at 2pm!

Vote online now! Find and hear the selections here on SBR blog!!

•    SBR podcast is now on I-TUNES!! Listen to the Dir En Grey at Kinokuniya and an exclusive interview with Japanese cultural icon Jinsei-Hitonari Tsuji and his new band Zamza.


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