Rate J-Pop Christmas Songs – No.1 Christmas Eve/ Tatsuro Yamashita

Hey everyone, it’s that wonderful time of the year – the Christmas season. To celebrate, SBR is going to post up some Christmas-themed J-pop songs for you guys to hear. We’re going to post up 5 songs and we would like you guys to vote on and rate which song is the best. The results will be announced here on the blog, website, and on Megumi Sato’s radio show in Japan.

We’re going to start the list off with a very classic and popular Christmas song.

Christmas Eve/ Tatsuro Yamashita

This is ” the classic” Christmas song in Japan. Since it was released in 1986, it was frequently used for JR Tokai’s
Shinkansen (bullet train) commercials.

Heartwarming love stories combined with the melody/lyrics of the song have touched Japanese people in different generations.

So how did you like the song? You can rate the song on a scale of 0-5 by posting in the “Comments” section.
Our scale goes like this:

5 – Classic!
4 – Awesome!
3 – It’s good.
2 – It’s ok.
1 – It’s boring.
0 – I hate it.



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