Welcome SBR fans, this is your host Megumi Sato.

Here for your listening pleasure. is Zamza‘s exclusive studio interview (Part-1), recorded here in our studio in Manhattan.

Zamza band members:
Vocalist : Ziinc White, (AKA Jinsei Ttsuji)
Guitarist : Hiroki
(both are from the legendary band Echoes)
Base player:  Banshiee
Drummer: Kohta
(both are from J-Rock legend Judy and Mary.)
Actually, Jinsei Tsuji is a cultural icon in Japan. He’s an award winning author and movie director under his pseudo name” Hitonari Ttsuji”.  After, 16 years of hiatus from band life he started to play again. He’s played harder than ever, singing in English and  wearing wigs and skirts similar to Visual K.  It’s been confusing to Japanese fans, but it’s delighting audiences around the world.
Their debut album Manga has been accepted enthusiastically.

Zamza recently played their first gig in New York at The Studio, Webster Hall. Boy was it was packed; the audience was intrigued by their intense performance. But what really happened to Tsuji?
You’ll find it here.

Tune in next time, where we’ll disclose the truth about Zamza’s debut album Manga.
Why do they call their music Manga Rock?
See you soon.


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