Hi, it’s Megumi.
I recently got a chance to see Miho Hatori’s new band New Optimism and Shonen Knife at Santos Party House.
What a treat!  The two most beloved Japanese female units back to back in the same night.
サントス・パーティハウスで行われたミホ・ハトリ&ニューオプティミズムとSHONEN KNIFEのライブを見て来ました!

I’ve seen Miho performing since she’s Cibo Matto. I saw them for the first time at CBGB’s sometime in 1990’s and was totally amazed by their innovative sound and her out-of-the box perfomance. She performs like a free dolphin with a strong kick and sweetness to it.  It taste like ” Chilli Chocolate”.
Of course Miho joined Tezuka day and shared her unique perspective.
Check out Tezuka day podcast and learn more about her here!
ミホちゃんはチボマット時代から何度かギグを見ていますが、初めてCBGBで見た時は、実験的なサウンドとミホちゃんのぶっ飛んだパフォーマンスに強烈な印象を持ちました。彼女ってまるで自由なイルカみたいだけど、足(ヒレ?)の蹴りはかなりのモン。でもスイートなところがとても素敵。ピリっとくるチリチョコレート味? もちろんミホちゃんは紀伊国屋のTEZUKA-DAYにもゲスト出演して、ユニークな視点をシェアしてくれました。そのポッドキャストそしてモア・ミホ情報はココでチェック!

Shonen Knife gives you a pure joy of beat and candy-popping melody.
Late Kurt Cobain loved them so much and took them to the UK tour.
When they formed the band in 1981, their musical mentor was Ramone! With their luscious dark long hair and 60’s inspired artful “ uniform” , they play hard!
Shonen Knife is literally a “ Super Group!”
81年に結成した彼らのお手本は、ラモーンズ! 長くセクシーな黒髪に60’sなアートっぽいユニフォームだけど、あくまでハードにロックする彼女達は文字通りスーパーグループ!

Shonen Knife is coming back to New York in mid November.
See their myspace page for the tour schedule.

Hopefully, I can publish their interview at that time! Stay tuned.

Breathe Music! 音楽で呼吸しろ!Megumi

P.S. Shonen means “boy” but many Shojo and women have “ Shonen Heart”.


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