Podcast: Osamu Tezuka Day at Kinokuniya Bookstore – Part II

Part II is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SBR interviewed Miho Hatori, artist/singer formerly of the band Cibo Matto and now the lead singer for her new band, New Optimism. She has done a variety of music projects, including taking on the role of Noodle in the band, Gorillaz.

One of our panelists from NYAF, Hayden Brereton, of Superglorious, also stopped by to give his thoughts about Osamu Tezuka. For those who forgot about him, here’s an entry that’ll refresh your memory.

Fans, you can check out Miho Hatori at:
http://www.mihohatori.com (Official Website)
http://www.myspace.com/mihohatori (Official MySpace Page)

You can visit Hayden’s website at: http://www.superglorious.com.

Part III is coming up, which features Q&A from the fans. More Tezuka goodness coming up!


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