Astro Boy blasts off at NYICFF premiere! Part 1

  Sept 17-  SBR correspondents Megumi Sato and Sara Barton, reporting in from NYICFF (New York International Children’s Film Festival); premiere of Astro Boy, the movie. Directed/written by David Bowers,who’s many credits include, Flushed Away and Shark Tale, and co-written with Timothy Harris. This CGI film is latest incarnation of the Astro Boy franchise based on Osamu Tezuka’s legendary manga series

      Those who were able to attend NYICFF premiere were also treated to a, special surprise, a chance for the audience to interview the David Bowers, the director.

The director, said to audience that he tried to stay close to the original manga and anime series. Yet, he also wanted to reflect today’s society the way original manga reflected Osamu Tezkua’s generation.

          The audience were the true critics at this premiere and they loved Astro Boy!

Let’s hear what they have to say.

[For those who didn’t get a chance to interview David Bowers we have a special treat for you, a great interview done by my colleague from, Shaina Moskowitz. ( see link below) ]

Stay tuned for Part 2

ASTRO BOY is rated PG

Opens nationwide on Friday October 23

Directed by David Bowers; written by Timothy Hyde Harris and mr. Bowers, based on a story by Mr. Bowers and the manga created by Osamu Tezuka; director of photography, Pepe Valencia; edited by Robert Anich; music by John Ottman; production designer, Samuel Michlap;produced by Maryann Garger; released by Summit Entertainment. Runningtime: 1 hour 34 minutes.

WITH THE VOICES OF: Freddie Highmore (Astro/Toby), Kristen Bell (Cora), Samuel L. Jackson (Zog), Nathan Lane (Hamegg), Eugene Levy (Orrin), Matt Lucas (Sparx), Bill Nighy (Dr. Elefun/Robotsky), Donald Sutherland (President Stone), Charlize Theron (“Our Friends” Narrator) and Nicolas Cage (Dr. Tenma).

written by: Sara Barton

Edited by: Mandy Ng


The Official Astro Boy movie website:

New York International Children’s Film Festival:

David Bowers talks making “Astro Boy” by: Shaina Moskowitz:


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